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May 3, 2023. The Collection Is Growing | Third Thursday Is Near

April 20, 2023. A Busher, A Juniper And A Foxy Feline

April 5, 2023. Caliche Road, A Peoplescape, and Protective Donkeys

March 16, 2023. Pink Underneath, The Rio Grand & Jasper

March 1, 2023. Breathing Room, A River, and Post Offices

February 8, 2023. Orange In The Landscape, Oranges In A Bowl

January 19, 2023. Shapes And Scrapes Make A Landscape

January 4, 2023. Beach And Desert: Landscapes To Love

December 15, 2022. This Land Is My Land

December 7, 2022. Thinking Small

November 17, 2022. Art & Hospitality Happy Hour Returns

November 2, 2022. Fun at the Gallery and Happy Hour Coming Soon

October 5, 2022. Your Invitation to The Yearbook Revisited

September 15, 2022. This Co-Worker Has Hooves

September 7, 2022. While I'm working on a solo show...

August 18, 2022. I'm thinking about kitchens and billboards

August 3, 2022. Inspired By A Parking Lot

July 21, 2022. Landscape Excursion--And Art On A Budget

July 2022. My Attempts At Thoroughly Modern Landscapes

June 2022. A Redhead, A Cattleman And A Trail Of Art

May 2022. Working In A Series

April 2022. Emerging, Flight Instructions, Our Community

March 2022. Overwhelmed--in a good way!

February 2022. It Began in 2019: Invitation To See...

January 2022. Compare & Contrast: Page Turner & Closing Chapters

December 2021. Family Archives, Third Graders & Goats Inspire Me

November 2021. A Breather, Two Portraits, And A Van Gogh-ish Kat

October 2021 Extra. Announcement: My Art At Stage West

October 2021. Painting Larger, Baby Steps

September 2021. Women With--Glasses, Fish, Hat and Shawl

August 2021. Kitchen Ritual II and Three New Small Works

July 2021. Oh Roy, oh Roy, is that your horse?

June 2021. Good Girls Play Acoustic

May 2021 Extra. And if elected, I promise...

May 2021. WIP, Pueblo-Inspired and a US-China Show

April 2021. Childhood, Blue Skies and Bluegrass

March 2021. Winds of Change, Tree Afire, and Curbside Color

February 2021. Locked Arms, Landscapes, & Sketchbook Fun

January 2021. Urgency, Herstory and a Struggling Couple

December 2020. Power Dress, Sisterhood, and the Studio in My Lap

November 2020. The Crow In My Hair

October 2020. RBG, Handsome Prints, and Your Front Porch

September 2020. Vincent, Andy, Mona and Willie All Greet You

August 2020. Frida Wears La Mascarilla

July 2020. Three New Small Works and Ten New Portraits

June 2020. A Small Thing: An Artist's Response

May 2020. Expressing This Moment at the Easel

April 2020. Gratitude. ArtChat. New Paintings.

March 2020. New Paintings & Save the Date

February 2020. February is for doers.

January 2020. Fleeting Moment and More Hats

December 2019. Party Pix, Creative Giving and Ginsburg's Message

October 2019. Nostalgic Photos as Art Inspiration

August 2019. Long Shots, New Work, and Five Reasons

July 2019. Events, Exhibits and Ginsburg

June 2019. Recent Work: Telling Women's Stories

May 2019. Humans Being and Going Dutch

April 2019. New Work: A Peek Behind the Curtains

March 2019. New Work and a Change of Plans

February 2019. Beyond Valentine's Day

January 2019. Uphill and Red Terrain