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Equality Portrait Project

When George Floyd was murdered, it was clear that white people like me needed to be more vocal and active in the struggle for justice by our Black neighbors. The pandemic kept me close to home, but it didn't keep me from my home studio. I set about to learn the stories of Black men and women whose lives have been unjustly cut short in encounters with law enforcement. I began to paint portraits of them to honor their humanity and express my solidarity. Please take a moment to say their names as you view the images.

These originals are not for sale.

George Floyd  Ahmaud Arbery Breonna Taylor

George Floyd, Age 46   Ahmaud Arbery, Age 25   Breonna Taylor, Age 26

Trayvon Martin  Atatiana Jefferson  Jonathan Ferrel 

 Trayvon Martin, Age 17   Atatiana Jefferson, Age 28   Jonathan Ferrell, Age 24

Botham Jean  Tamir Rice  Philando Castile
 Botham Jean, Age 26   Tamir Rice, Age 12   Philando Castile, Age 32
Sandra Bland  Eric Garner  Elijah McClain, Age 23
 Sandra Bland, Age 28   Eric Garner, Age 43   Elijah McClain, Age 23
Freddie Gray  Tanisha Anderson, Age 37  Laquan McDonald, Age 17
Freddie Gray, Jr., Age 25   Tanisha Anderson, Age 37   Laquan McDonald, Age 17
Daniel Prude

Daniel Prude, Age 41