Welcome to my online art gallery. I'm Laura Hunt. I invite you to browse, and to contact me with any questions. Enjoy your visit!

Artist's Statement

Laura Hunt in her art studio

Several themes are evident in my figurative art. Human relationships. Human emotion. Social issues. Empathy. My symbolic figures allow us to see ourselves or our neighbors in the undefined faces. I look for universality. Skin and hair can be any color that serves the composition and my intent. Color, gesture and body language convey the emotion of the moment, of the life experienced by each subject. These archetypal humans dwell in ambiguous backgrounds where the sense of place only suggests surroundings familiar to all of us. Threading its way in and out of the works is a theme of social awareness. I want these paintings to prompt the telling of narratives and to inspire empathetic conversations. These works are my means of expressing the divinity and diversity of all human beings.